Abstract Submission

Below select the form that applies to your contribution [one item per submission]

  • Individual Paper
  • Special Session
  • Speed Talk
  • Multi-stakeholder Workshop
An individual paper presentation is about 15-20 minutes, including Q&A.
A session consists of four individual paper presentations that are thematically connected. The session’s chair submits the session proposal with an abstract on the session’s content and info about the titles and the authors of the four papers. The session's chair then receives a code for the session via email. The abstracts of the session papers are individually submitted via the individual paper submission form using the code provided to the session chair.

A speed talk is about 3 minutes, and after a series of speed talks, the audience will select which of the speakers they continue the conversation.

A multi-stakeholder workshop provides a podium for knowledge exchange on the commons across different social actors. These Workshop sessions can take various formats (e.g., roundtable, workshop, living lab, open discussion, etc.) and will be structured around a particular question or challenge and composed by at least two different stakeholders (e.g., citizen, practitioner, company, policymaker, researcher, activist). Please provide a brief explanation of the societal relevance of the main topic and the format in the abstract below.